About Life in 66 Words

The structure of ‘Life in 66 words’ is designed to play an empowering role in your life, stimulate you like nothing has ever before, flame that fire within you and help you to live the life that you ought to be living. Life should never be an ordeal, a struggle, scarce… It should be a flow, a celebration, full of abundance in every aspect. There is no place for scarcity in your life, because you have abundant potential within you. Our challenge is not that we do not know, but that we do not do. The 11 sessions coupled with experiential guided meditation at the end of each session will not only work on your conscious but will also strengthen your subconscious mind. Session 1 and 2 will expand your expectations from life and ensure your desires are worthy of you human potential. Session 3, 4 and 5 will work on improving your relationship with yourself by getting you into a state of responsibility, resourcefulness and gratitude. Session 6 and 7 will work on improving your interaction with the world. First by helping you grow in maturity to deal with people. Next by putting you in a powerful state to deal with the circumstances in life. Session 8 and 9 will work on improving your relationship with the universal energy by working on your being and strengthening your spiritual roots enabling it to become a potent force for you. And finally, session 10 and 11 will get you into the spirit of action to actualize and maximize your humongous potential. As Mahatria says “There comes a point in everybody’s life which I call a reference point. The only one way to describe this moment in life as life before this experience and life after this experience. Let ‘Life in 66 words’ become a reference point in your life.” Here we begin…
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Digital Discipline

    • Derive Maximum Benefit

  • 2

    Life in 1 Word - Session

    • Session 1

  • 3

    Life in 1 Word - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 1

  • 4

    Life in 2 Words - Session

  • 5

    Life in 2 Words - Guided Process

  • 6

    Life in 3 Words - Session

    • Session 3

  • 7

    Life in 3 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 3

  • 8

    Life in 4 Words - Session

    • Session 4

  • 9

    Life in 4 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 4

  • 10

    Life in 5 Words - Session

    • Session 5

  • 11

    Life in 5 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 5

  • 12

    Life in 6 Words - Session

    • Session 6

  • 13

    Life in 6 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 6

  • 14

    Life in 7 Words - Session

    • Session 7

  • 15

    Life in 7 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 7

  • 16

    Life in 8 Words - Session

    • Session 8

  • 17

    Life in 8 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 8

  • 18

    Life in 9 Words - Session

    • Session 9

  • 19

    Life in 9 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 9

  • 20

    Life in 10 Words - Session

    • Session 10

  • 21

    Life in 10 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 10

  • 22

    Life in 11 Words - Session

    • Session 11

  • 23

    Life in 11 Words - Guided Process

    • Guided Process 11

Life in 1 Word

You are limited by your own bandwidth of beliefs. Understand the importance of breaking these beliefs to experience the infinite possibilities of life.

Life in 2 Words

Are you ok being a one-role wonder and average in all your other roles in life? Learn how you can be a multi-role wonder and embrace an abundance mindset.

Life in 3 Words

Of all the varied life forms, being born as a human being is the greatest gift. Discover how your individuality is your biggest strength & learn to celebrate yourself for who you are.

Life in 4 Words

How do you respond when life throws challenges at you? Improve the quality of your life by unraveling how to liberate yourself from unnecessary internal disturbances and respond with ability.

Life in 5 Words

Are you constantly grateful or constantly disturbed? When this powerful emotion becomes your second nature, it can uplift your life forever.

Life in 6 Words

How to use the power of ‘Love’ to bring out the best version of yourself? Understand how to create mature relationships from a resourceful state.

Life in 7 Words

You have so much unmanifested potential within you and are only an awakening away from greatness. Learn the mental framework to be a choice maker in any given circumstance and face life head on.

Life in 8 Words

Your birth was unnoticed, your life can’t go unnoticed. Learn the 3 fundamental principles to strengthen your being that can make the powerful system of life work in your favor.

Life in 9 Words

Does god exist? How do you respond when life throws unintended consequences at you? Discover the miraculous formula to magnetize abundance into your life.

Life in 10 Words

You deserve the best. What should be the spirit of action to make your life count? Find the secret ingredient to make your desires a reality.

Life in 11 Words

Are your dominant thoughts and feelings focusing on your circle of influence or circle of concern? Implement this master key to peaceful progress and expand your circle of influence.

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