About Life is a Game

Come… conquer this game of life; become a winner – happily and peacefully.

One of the natural manifestations of human intelligence is an innate need to classify and categorize everything. By the definitions you assign, the world and all relationships in it become a reflection of your perception. In your current position, how would you define life? The answer to this very simple, yet exceedingly pertinent question will have a tremendous impact on what lies ahead for you in life. Here’s how… Let’s look at the rules of a few games, which don’t befit logic! In tennis, the points in a game are 15-30-40, why not 15-30-45 or even 15-30-60? In cricket, the boundaries change depending on the size of the stadium. Why can’t this be standardised across all grounds in the world? In Chess, the King is the most important piece and yet the Queen has substantially more powers? Why cannot it be otherwise? Would you waste your time and energy to change these rules which have been around from the inception of the game? You either play by the rules of a game or choose another sport.
If in a man-made game, you cannot change the rules of the game, isn’t it pointless to question the rules in this eternal game of life. The rules of this game have been created by an infinite intelligence beyond the comprehension of finite intelligence. You can call life a gift, you can call life a curse. You can call life a problem, or you can see life as an opportunity. You can scream foul; you can scream fair. It really doesn’t matter. This is the game; these are the rules. Like every game, this game of life too comes with its fair share of challenges. The game is easy only for a spectator watching it from outside. But you are already in the game, in the playing field. It only makes sense to win the game! The process of winning the game becomes pleasurable when we perceive it as a game. In ‘Life is a Game’, a life-transforming 9-part course in the Challenge Your Comfort Zone Series, Mahatria helps you to understand and accept the game, learn the rules and develop yourself and most importantly guides you to win the game in style!
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Key Takeaways

  • A life-transforming perspective to view life as a game.

  • Discover the powerful faculties that you are bestowed with and the role of intelligence in defining what you experience in life.

  • The importance of re-assessing existing definitions, consciously changing them where required and the impact of changing these definitions

  • The 2 fundamental principles of the game.

  • The breakthrough framework of ‘Choices and Consequences’ and understanding the ‘Counter-choice’ advantage to ace this game.

  • The mental framework to deal with situations completely out of your control.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Digital Discipline

    • Your Talent - A Gift or a Curse

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    • Transcendence – Our Greatest Gift

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    • The Intelligence Trap

  • 4

    Chapter 4

    • Change Your Definitions… Change Your Life...

  • 5

    Chapter 5

    • Re-program Your Life

  • 6

    Chapter 6

    • Let’s Win This Game of Life

  • 7

    Chapter 7

    • Part 1 - The Rule of Upgrade

    • Part 2 - The Pawn Advantage

  • 8

    Chapter 8

    • Part 1 - Choices and Consequences

    • Part 2 - What is The Bigger Picture?

    • Part 3 - Feedback, Not Failure

  • 9

    Chapter 9

    • The Final Piece of the Puzzle

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